AIC Student Paper Awards

The goal of the AIC Student Paper Awards scheme is to encourage students to present their work at the AIC meetings and to benefit from interaction with the international colour community.

Applications must be substantially related to the subject of colour, but may be based in any
discipline or mix of disciplines. Both research-based and practice-based work will be considered.

The AIC Student Paper Awards are for final-year undergraduates and post graduates only and will run every two years in conjunction with the AIC Interim Meetings. Accepted abstracts with a student being the first author will be eligible to be considered for the Awards. Only one accepted abstract from the same student first author will be considered.

Three prizes, agreed by the AIC Student Paper Awards Panel, will be awarded to students on the basis of the quality of their full papers published in the AIC proceedings. The top, first runner-up and second runner-up prizes will be awarded with a monetary prize.

An extended version of the awarded papers will be published in a special issue of
the JAIC. The awards will be announced and presented at the AIC Interim Meetings.
In addition to the three awarded papers three student papers in the same meeting will be invited to provide an extended version of the full paper for the special issue.

Further enquiries should be addressed to the Chairman of the AIC Student Paper Awards Panel professor Stephen Westland.


1. One award covering all academic disciplines, substantially related to the subject of colour,
every two years in conjunction with the AIC Interim Meetings

2. Timetable (incorporates the AIC Interim Meeting timetable)
i. Awards competition entry deadline – consistent with the corresponding AIC Interim
Meeting’s abstracts submission deadline (student first author who have two or more
abstract submissions should indicate which one is intended for the Awards
ii. Eligible abstracts – made available to Chair of Awards Panel soon after notification of
abstract acceptance
iii. Chair of Awards Panel, Chair of the AIC Study Group for Education and immediate
Past President of the AIC will identify the disciplines of the eligible abstracts and hence invite appropriate and sufficient number of Panel Members for the review
iv. Review process begins soon after the AIC Interim Meeting’s full paper submission
v. The six finalists and three awards will be announced and presented at an AIC Interim

3. To aid the process the AIC Interim Meeting organising team will help ensuring the first
authors’ status is identifiable at the abstracts submission stage. And access of the eligible full papers will be given to the Awards Panel efficiently after the full-paper submission deadline

4. The six finalists papers to be published in a special edition of JAIC must be in English

5. Prizes:
i. The conference banquet to be complimentary to the top six
ii. A financial reward which will be funded by the AIC i.e. 1st AUD1,000; 2nd AUD600;
and 3rd AUD400 for the awarded papers

6. Chair of Awards Panel: Editor-in-Chief of JAIC

The permanent Panel members will be the current Chair of Awards Panel i.e. the Editor-in Chief of JAIC, Chair of the AIC Study Group for Education and the immediate AIC Past President.

The first awards will be in 2018.