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International Colour Day 2018

In Stockholm a colourful audiance listened to  Isabell Tresse talking about her winning proposal  to Prisad Färg 2017 AS IF – relection on Bangalure in India and Kviberg in Göteborg



och Hélène de Clermont-Gallerande, Chanel  Paris speaking about.The changing colours of Chanel’s lipstick ranges from 1960. 

Did you know that the Chanel Palette has changed considderably?. Some old goodies as ”RougeCoco” still remains, but the palette is darker to day (” Rouge noir”) than in the 1960s.


Special tour at Rosendals Castle


September 18 at 5 pm we will visit Rosendal Castle in Royal Djurgården. The castle was built in the 1820s at the request of king Karl XIV Johan.

Rosendal was a pleasure palace, a retreat where to enjoy summer at Djurgården. Fredrik Blom a rather famous architect at the time was given the royal commission to design and build the castle. It was built as a prefabricated building.

To a great extent the castle stands as it was in Karl XIV Johan´s time. This makes Rosendal a unique document of Swedish Empire Stile, also called Karl Johan Stile.

Notify: info@colourspot.org not later than September 16.