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Deltag i Prisad Färg 2021

PRISAD FÄRG, instiftad av Stiftelsen Svensk Färgcentrum,  är en färgsättningstävling för studenter och nyexaminerade  inom konst, design och arkitektur,  Tävlingen sätter färgen i centrum och har tillkommit för: att skapa ett djupare intresse för och medvetenhet om färgens betydelse att lyfta fram hur vi kan använda färg att visa på goda exempel på färganvändning

PRISAD FÅRG, instituted by the Swedish Color Center Foundation, is a colour design competition for students and recent graduates in art, design and architecture.
The competition puts color at the center and intends to: create a deeper interest in and awareness of the importance of colour, to highlight how we can use colour to show good examples of colour use

Colour & Status

Color and color have always been used as a marker for social or professional status, rank and culture. Today, the concept of status is more complex, fast-moving and can differ markedly in different subcultures. Status can also describe a state, position or location.

Färg & Status

Färg och kulör har i alla tider använts som markör för social eller professionell status, rang och kultur. Idag är statusbegreppet mer komplext, snabbrörligt och kan skilja sig markant åt i olika subkulturer.  Status kan också beskriva ett tillstånd, position eller läge.


Teacher´s workshop – How to create colour education digitaly

Friday September 18th 2020
10.00 am-14.30 pm.

Join us in an inspiering workshop. Take part in the sharing of Swedish experiences (in Swedish) and listen to our guest speaker Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic

Sign up by mailing info@fargcentrum.se and you will get the full programme and the Zoom-link.

Guest lecturer

I12.45 pm – 1.30 pm
 ”Creating a Framework for Colour Education: Colour Design Training Itinerary”.
Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic, Color Researcher and Consultan, comes from the University of Chile in Santiago de Chile. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation in Design Research at the Politecnico di Milano. She has worked with colour research, in colour studies and pedagogy, for more than 10 years full time.

Ingrid will give a presentation (in English) and then we will open up for a joint discussion about color teaching, methods, working methods, course content, purpose, goals, difficulties and opportunities to run color teaching, etc.

Bio-Depth – A dark and mystic colour palette

Explore the dark and mystic colour palette of Bio-Depth, one of the important colour trends for 2021+. from NCS Colour. This trend is inspired by a reaction to the dramatic change and uncertainty of the world. We realise that our well-being is much more important than materialism. Experiences are more important than consumption. We seek a purpose. 

Bio-Depth_trend forecast

Wanja Djanaieff- an explosion of colours

Marabouparkens konsthall
6 juni 2020–20 december 2020

Wanja Djanaieff – Marabouparken konsthall
Wanja Djanaieffs mönster ”Rand” och Anna-Lena Emdéns ”Blomma” för Alingsås Bomullsväveri 1969. Foto: Åke Moqvist

In the summer of 2020, Marabouparken presents a large retrospective exhibition with works by Wanja Djanaieff – one of Sweden’s most influential textile designers. Djanaieff has been Head of Design at NK Design Group and Strömma Sweden, among others.


Her work became known to a wide audience when she designed clothes for the Swedish Olympic squad in Munich in 1972. The clothes, adorned with a pattern of yellow crowns on a blue background, also went on sale at NK and became a bestseller.

She has also worked as a scenographer, costume designer, professor and project manager. The exhibition at Marabouparken shows sketches, clothes and the iconic patterns that have come to be style-forming for an entire era.

Celebrate International Colour Day

Swedish Colour Centre Foundation invites you to an evening with lecture, discussion and colourfful mingle in connection with the International Colour Day. 


Sara Garanty, interiour designer and colourist
Who is afraid of orange, yellow and purplet? 
A history of Colour from an artistic and spriritual perspective


The winner of Prisad Färg 2020 
Asta Westermark Florestedt, Beckmans, will present her winning proposal Let´s talk colour

Panel dialogue
moderated by Catrin Vagnemark, BVD, chair of the jury. 

– Asta Westermark Florestedt, winner
– John Wattström, laureate
– Frida Navratil, laureate
– Gunnel Sahlin, glasdesigner and jurymember
– Anja Palmgren, board member and och associate professor of color theory 

More info and registration