Prisad Färg 2018

A colour design competition for newly graduataed and students of design, architecture, visual communication and art in Sweden.

PRISAD FÄRG will put colour in focus and has been founded:

  • to create a deeper interest in and awareness of the significance of colour
  • to highlight how we can use colour
  • to show good examples of colour use

This year’s theme

The most popular colour! Heaven, Sea, eternity, authority, tranquility, infinity, coolness, vodka, the Virgin Mary’s colour (Christian art’s most popular motive 1200-1300s).

Inspired by the blue colour, you create a product, a room, an environment, an event, an installation, image or other form of experience where your feel / experience of blue becomes the dominant / given color.

The competition task is to create a color scheme based on a global, social and norm critical perspective.

The project is presented in digital form as a PDF, for presentation to the jury members. Do not enter your name on the attached competition contribution. Enter your name, school and how we will most easily get in touch with you in the mail itself.

Also be prepared to display the three winning presentations in portrait A1 format 70 x 100 cm on black background and digitally in the form of a high-resolution PDF. They will be shown in a separate exhibition during the February 2019 award ceremony. You must also assume that the presentation, after the award ceremony, will be displayed on and possibly in other similar contexts.

Students’ statement
You must consider the following: How does the blue color appear in your proposal? What feeling  you want to create with your color selection? What audience / market do you turn to?

To facilitate colour communication, use NCS to describe your colour selection.

Jury assessment criteria
The submitted proposals will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Is the subject of the color selection convincing? The norm-critical perspective?
  • Is the colour selection well reported? Clear presentation?
  • Is the colour scale coherent and well thought out?
  • How does the color appear on the different materials?

Submissions 1 November 2018
Award ceremony February 2019

Chair: Catrin Vagnemark, BVD, board member of Färgcentrum
– Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, Arkitekt, Belatchew Arkitekter
– Annica Kvint, Journalist, design och arkitektur
– Jonas Pettersson, Industridesignformgivare, Form Us with Love
– Gunnel Sahlin, Glasformgivare
– Åsa Stenerhag, Konstnär, Modedesigner
– Kennet Vrågård, NCS Colour AB
– Clara von Zweigbergk, Grafisk Formgivare, Designer
– Svante Öqvist, Chefredaktör.Elle Decoration


NCS Colour AB I  BVD I CaparolJotun I Nordsjö I  Ogeborg I STO Scandinavia I Åkompani I ALCRO

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? If you are wondering about something, please email: Berit Bergström:  or Bengt Ahlin:

TO WHERE DO I SEND MY COMPETITION PROPOSAL? Digital competition proposals are sent to

NOTE! The competition proposal is treated anonymously by the jury, so please enter your name and school on the cover letter not on the presentation itself!