Student competition Prisad Färg 2015

And the winners are

A color design competition for students of design, architecture, visual communication and art in Sweden.

Prisad färg logo 2015 7x4cm

PRISAD FÄRG will put color in focus and has been founded:

  • to create a deeper interest in and awareness of the significance of color
  • to highlight how we can use color
  • to show good examples of color use

This year´s theme: THE UNEXPECTED
Things, products, environments, etc. are expected to have certain colors. Color is visual information and associates to different experiences. It evokes feelings and thoughts, it affects our mind-mood, it gives us guidance and information, it can affect our desire to work and it offers choices.

The competition task consists of coloring in a totally unexpected way. The unexpected can be to color an old photo in unexpected colors. It may be to change ingrained colors in an urban space, a house, an optional environmental, a product, everyday objects, appliances, a phenomenon. What is unexpected, provocative or desirable? Specify the feeling you want to create and explain the unexpected in your presentation. Use NCS to describe your choice of colors.

Try to look at your environment as if it were the first time you see it!

Presentations (proposals) must be designed so that they will be able to look at in an exhibition during the award ceremony in February 2016. You can either present the project on panels or digitally on a separate computer. Maximum size of panels is 50 x 70 cm, irrespective of the number of panels. The project proposals must also be entered in digital form (pdf) for presentation to the jurors. Give your proposal a motto and only state your name and school in an accompanying letter.

Submitting an entry you must also be prepared to present / demonstrate your project at the award ceremony in February 2016. You must also expect that the presentation, after the award ceremony, will be shown on and possibly in other similar contexts.

The students’ presentation
In the task, you must consider the following:

  • What is unexpected is in your proposal.
  • Why you have chosen these colors.
  • What feeling you want to create with your color choice.
  • What audience / market you turn to.

Assessment criteria
Submitted proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Is the motive to the color choice convincing?
  • Is the color choice well presented? Clear presentation?
  • Is the color scale coherent and well thought out?
  • How does the color appear on the different materials?
  • Is there something new and unique with the proposal?
  • Is the proposal appropriate to the target audience / market?

1st prize: The winner will get a spot on the prestigious course ”Colour Design Workshop” June 27 to July 2, 2016  from NCS Colour Academy (value 31 250 SEK). Participants from all over the world will gather at Gripsholm Inn for 6 intensive course days. The course includes course materials, accommodation and meals.

2nd prize: NCS Design Tools from NCS Colour AB (value approx. 7 500 SEK)

3rd prize: Gift voucher and inspiration kit from Alcro (value approx. 5000 SEK)


  • 1 November 2015: Last day for entering the competition
  • 5 November 2015: Entries received are sent to the jurors for individual appraisal
  • 20 November 2015: Jury meeting in Stockholm for final appraisal
  • The award ceremony will take place in connection with Stockholm Furniture Fair 10 February 2016

Chairperson: Anja Palmgren, senior lecturer in Color theory and spatial design, Beckmans designhögskola
Bea Szenfeld, designer, Bea Szenfeld Design
Ewa Kumlin,VD, Svensk Form
Gunnel Sahlin, glas designer
Lamilja Suljevic, fashion designer
Lotta Kühlhorn, grafic designer
Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, Architect MSA/SAR/DESA, Belatchew Arkitekter AB
Svante Öquist, chief editor, Elle Decoration
Synnöve Mork, scenografer
Tom Hedqvist, grafic designer och head of Röhsska museet


If you have questions please mail:
Berit Bergström: or or
Bengt Ahlin:


Digital competition entry shall be sent to /

NB! Entries will be handled anonymously within the jury. State your name and institution only in the accompanying letter, not in the presentation!

Berit Bergström
Svenskt Färgcentrum
Box 49022
100 28 Stockholm