Prisad Färg 2021 – Join the competition

This year’s theme

Colour and colour design have always been used as a marker for social or professional status, rank and culture.
Today, the concept of status is more complex, fast-moving and can differ markedly in different subcultures.
Status can also describe a state, position or location.

Prisad Färg founded by the Swedish Paint Center Foundation, is a colour design competition for students and recent graduates in art, design and architecture. use colour to show good examples of colour use

Inspired by this year’s theme, you create a product, a room, an environment, an urban space, a phenomenon, an installation, an image or some other kind of experience where your feeling and experience of the colour’s relationship to status becomes your contribution.

The project is presented in digital form as a PDF, for presentation to the jury members. Do not state your name on the attached competition entry, but write your name, school and how we can most easily get in touch with you in the email itself.
Also be prepared for the three winning entries to be presented in physical form, as they will be shown in a separate exhibition. You must also expect that the presentation, after the award ceremony, will be shown on, and possibly in other similar contexts.

In the task, you must consider the following:

  • What do you want to tell with your colour choice / how do you use colour in your story.
  • What senses, thoughts and perspectives do you want to bring to life.
  • What is unique about your proposal.
  • Why you have chosen these colours.
  • Which target group / market you are addressing.
  • Use NCS to describe your colour choice to facilitate colour communication

1st prize: The winner receives a profit check of SEK 30,000 (excl. VAT) to use for booking Colour Academy Courses and / or NCS Design Tools.
The course offer also includes the popular prestigious course ”International Colour Workshop” at Gripsholm.
Discover NCS Colour Academy courses here:
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2nd prize: Design Tools from NCS Color AB
3rd prize: Gift certificate to Matton

– Catrin Vagnemark, chair, founder of  BVD
– Rahel Belatchew, Arkitekt, Belatchew Arkitekter
– Axel Nordlander, industridesigner, OP
– Gunnel Sahlin, Glasformgivare, Studio Sahlin
 Åsa Stenerhag, Konstnär, modedesigner 
– Kennet Vrågård, NCS Colour AB
– Asta Westermark Florestedt, designer vinare av Prisad Färg 2020
– Mats Widbom, vd, Svensk Form
– Clara von Zweigberg,k Grafisk formgivare, designer
– Svante Öqvist, Frilansjournalist 

The submitted proposals will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Is the motive for the color choice convincing?
  • Is the color choice well reported? Clear presentation?
  • Is the color scale well thought out?
  • How does the color behave in relation to the status concept?
  • Is there anything new and unique about the proposal?
  • Is the proposal adapted to the target group / audience you are addressing?

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email: alt. Berit Bergström: or
Bengt Ahlin:

Digital competition entry is sent to

NOTE! The competition proposal is processed anonymously within the jury, so only state your name and school

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