Etikettarkiv: colour & light

Colortrip – to be, to become

Färgfabriken Stockholm
23 September – 29 November 2015


The installation by lighting designer Svante Pettersson reflects upon the things that have always attracted people to move to cities. The freedom to think, speak and be who you want. To get to a safe haven. To be able to choose to be alone, completely anonymous, yet still surrounded by people – or to seek a new, self-selected community. It is about how we travel there, but also about how to retrospectively recall our journey.

Svante Pettersson has created a passage that illustrates this type of transformation. The passage moves be-tween the more intellectual case studies in the project rooms and the artistic works of Färgfabrikens main hall. His means of expression is the interaction between the surface colors and artificial light, which is such an important part of our urban environment.

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Light symposium 19-20 March

ls_KTH-logo LSThe Light Symposium is an international forum for all those interested and/or professionally related with light. The objective is to be part of and contribute to the International Year of Light by UNESCO.

The symposium will offer sessions by internationally recognized high quality speakers, including 2 keynotes, to provide a wide and deep perspective on the topic and to increase the levels of discussions and general knowledge in the field of Architectural Lighting Design.

Venue: Magasinet, Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm


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Colour by numbers

tower_16_9 Colour by Numbers is a permanent light installation in the tower at Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden. Everyone can change the colours in the tower with their mobile phone, by calling or using the app. The project is a collaboration between the interaction designer Loove Broms, the architect Milo Lavén and the artist Erik Krikortz.
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Färg & ljus för människan – i rummet


”Color & Light for humans – in the room” is about the total experience of color and light in a spatial context and is a contribution to the coherent field of knowledge color – light – room. The idea is to explain light to color specialists, and color to light specialists while conveying an understanding of the necessity of light and color being be treated together.

This popular science book is aimed primarily at professionals in color and light areas but is also intended to be used in higher education. It builds on the interdisciplinary Nordic research project SYN-TES: Human color and light. Synthesizing for a unified field of knowledge, which was conducted from 2010 to 2011. The research reports, most of them in English, can be downloaded at

The book contains four thematic blocks where the recurring theme is spatial interaction between color and light.