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The Blue Connection
Exploring a Universal Color
Monika Haag / Mark Woodman (Ed.)

The Blue Connection begins with a blue ballpoint pen discovered in the window of a Santa Fe jeweller by the color designers and editors Monika Haag and Mark Woodman. The purchase of this unique piece, crafted from lapis lazuli, became the catalyst for a passionate discussion about the color blue.

Blue has many faces and recently evolved as a programmatic color increasingly identified with sustainability, health, peace and global responsibility. Blue seems omnipresent, always accessible and naturally attainable with endless associations and connections. Thus, the pen from Santa Fe began its journey to the authors, from Europe to China and on to the US – and came back with a wide variety of perspectives on blue.

This bilingual German/English edition explores blue as a universal color in 15 illustrated contributions from international design professionals The Blue Connection enriches the reader with its empathic potential for an open and universal discourse to conclude with a cutting edge look into recent research on color perception approaching the frontiers of quantum physics.

With contributions by M. Appadorai (Mas Subramanian), Rozbeh Asmani, Carla A. Bordini Bellandi, Dietmar Danner, Tom Fecht, Monika Haag, Rolf Heide, Xiaojing Huang Nikolaus Koliusis, Paula Leonard, Eric Michel, Taron S. Schauenburg, Jian Ming Song, Mark Woodman and John E. Zissovici

Asta Westermark Florestedt won Prisad Färg 2020


Asta Westermark Florestedt
Beckmans Designhögskola, Form

Jury opinion: 
To find the future, it is important to look back, which the jury saw as a strong value in this winning proposal.
The jury associates the proposal to Bauhaus geometric shapes and Itten’s color theory, which was created 100 years ago.
The abstract classic geometric shapes clearly illuminate how colour affects shape. Accounting is educational and appealingly simple.
This entry inspires in an innovative way and gives knowledge to the colour schemes of the future.


John Wattström, HDK
Kandidatexamen i design 

Jury’ opinion:
A colour scheme in public space, which sucked the jury into an alternative world. Colour, shape, light and sound swept around us. The experience felt saturated and invited for reflection.
The title is taken from Dylan Thomas’s poem where the main theme revolves around light and darkness and is a call to protest against the end of life.
A competition entry that let color, light and shape express our uncertain future. This installation would be located at the UN Climate Summit.


Frida Navratil, Konstfack
Inredningsarkitektur & Möbeldesign

Jury’ opinion:
This contribution allows colour to create security for the forgotten place, the non-place. Form and colour are created with regard to nature and our planet. The competition entry will seek to challenge the future of colour with a focus on climate and biodiversity.
This is an installation that addresses the discussion about who we choose colour for and creates discussion about what colour can contribute. How can a designer choose colour that not only benefits man but also nature and other species?

Welcome to Prize Ceremony

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair SFF 4–8 February

We invite you to celebrate the winners with us! 
Prize ceremony, Greenhouse Cafe at 3 pm on Feb 4.
Prisad Färg will show the winners at @svenskform stand C18:21 at Greenhouse.

Prisad Färg – instituted by Swedish Colour Centre Foundation – works to strengthen the knowledge of colours. A colour design competition for newly graduated and students of design, architecture, visual communication and art in Sweden.

Ängsvillan winner of Rödfärgspriset 2014


The prestigious architecture prize Rödfärgspriset was awarded for the seventh time. The prize rewards contemporary modern architecture meeting traditional earth paint. This year’s winner is Ängsvillan in Nacka outside Stockholm created by architect SIR / MSA Jonas Bohlin. The villa consists of three buildings: Parkvillan, Sjövillan and the Gardener´s house.
Ängsvillan evokes the jury´s existential questions and confirms that the color of love actually is red.