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Soon time for Prisad Färg 2018

A colour design competition for newly graduataed andstudents of design,
architecture, visual communication and art in Sweden.

This year’s theme:

The Colour Blue

The coulour most people like the most: Heaven, sea, eternity, authoroty, calm, infinity, coolness, melancholym the colour of the Virgin Mary


Prisad Färg 2016

A color design competition for students of design, architecture, visual communication and art in Sweden.

Prisad färg logo 2016 7x4cm


  • How does a colour experience taste?
  • Does yellow, red or blue smell?
  • Can you hear a colour tone?
  • How does a colour taste?


More info coming soon

Svenska ljuspriset 2015

Four projects are competing for the prestigious Swedish Ljuspriset (lightning award), which is awarded this year for the 23rd time.

The prize is to reward a project where light and lightninghas been used successfully to create a visual experience in interaction with architecture. The aim is to highlight the importance of lighting for people and the environment and to demonstrate the high level of lighting design profession in Sweden.

This year’s finalists:

Lux, Lund University: libraries, auditoriums, training rooms, conference rooms, etc.
Lux, LU






Kokpunkten Actionbad in Västerås
Kokpunkten Actionbad






Christ the King´s Church in Gothenburg
Kristus Konongens kyrka

St. John’s Church (Sankt Johannes kyrka) in Stockholm
St Johannes kyrka

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony in conjunction with the Light Day September 8, 2015 at Berns in Stockholm. More information in Swedish

Prisad färg 2015

Prisad färg logo 2015 7x4cm

A color design competition for students in design, architecture, visual communication and art.

PRISAD FÄRG will put coloring in focus. The competition aims to:

  • create a deeper interest of and awareness about the significance of color
  • highlight how we can use color
  • demonstrate good examples of color use

THE UNEXPEXTED this year´s theme

More information in Swedish

More information in English