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Bio-Depth – A dark and mystic colour palette

Explore the dark and mystic colour palette of Bio-Depth, one of the important colour trends for 2021+. from NCS Colour. This trend is inspired by a reaction to the dramatic change and uncertainty of the world. We realise that our well-being is much more important than materialism. Experiences are more important than consumption. We seek a purpose. 

Bio-Depth_trend forecast

Take your colour design to the next level

Get inspired by trend forecasters, material specialists, colour experts and light designers to discover how colour, light and material can successfully affect your design.

Together with designers from all over the world you will work with colour interactively, and through different projects discover how you can stretch the limits of your colour design.

The International Colour Workshop is held during 5 days in picturesque Mariefred just outside Stockholm, Sweden. 

DATE: June 24th-28th, 2019
PLACE: Gripsholms Värdshus, Mariefred, Sweden


NCS Colour Trends 2016+

This season´s  breakdown of colours  has shifted from soft, light shades; towards  the extremes  of more chromatic, darker , neutral and dramatic colour areas.

NCS Colour Trends 2016+




Equatorial & Energetictrend2
This trend is inspired  by the exotic flora & fauna  found in the tropics; celebrating the  energy of the equatorial regions.





trend-talk-at-imm-cologne-Raw & Atmospheric
The settings are becoming even more rustic  and this trend intensifies the rawness of the industrial direction.



Aquatic & Mystifying
This trend plummets into the watery depths to find inspiration from a fantastic spectrum of

trend_rich_sensual2Rich & Sensual
Triggered to brave women, this trend adds a feminine touch to the traditional colours of power.