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A colloidal quantum dot spectrometer

Illustration: Mary O'Reilly

Illustration: Mary O’Reilly

Researchers have developed a new device for color analyses – a spectrometer- by using something that looks like an ink printer to put special paint on the image tile of a smart phone camera.

Such, lightweight, small and robust spectrometers can be used in space trips to explore far away planets but also to do medical measurements.

Jie Bao & Moungi G. Bawendi: A colloidal quantum dot spectrometer, Nature 2. Juli 2015, vol. 523, 10.1038/nature14576, summery.

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Colourful plastics – without dyes

Long before humans figured out how to create colours, nature had already perfected the process — think stunning, bright butterfly wings of many different hues, for example.

Morpho didius gets its blue colour as a consequence of the nano structure of its wings

Morpho didius gets its blue colour as a consequence of the nano structures of its wings

Now scientists are tapping into those secrets to develop a more environmentally friendly way to make coloured plastics. Using structure — or the shapes and architectures of materials — rather than dyes, to produce colour.

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Colours help set body´s internal clock

sunsetThe beautiful color of a sunset might be more than just a pretty picture. It could be a signal to our bodies that it’s time to reset our internal clock, the biological ticktock that governs everything from sleep patterns to digestion. That’s the implication of a new study in mice that shows these small rodents use light’s changing color to set their own clocks, a finding that researchers expect will hold for humans, too.

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