International day of colour and light

International day of colour and light – A proposal

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The Portuguese Color Association proposed in 2008 the creation of a day for the celebration of colour on an international and world scale.

The idea was presented at the AIC executive committee meeting 2008 in Stockholm (a document can be downloaded from, discussed in more detail in Sydney, and taken to the General Assembly.

The date for celebration (an idea put forward by Leonhard Oberascher) is proposed to be March 21, every year, the ”equinox” — aequus (equal) and nox (night). Around the equinox, the night and day are approximately equally long, symbolically relating to the complementary nature of light and darkness, light and shadow expressed in all human cultures.

Why is the March equinox preferred to the September equinox? Because March 21 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and also, in Australia, it is the Harmony Day for the promotion of community participation, respect and a sense of belonging in celebration of Australia’s cultural diversity.

Thus, the AIC asks all its members (regular, associate, and individual) to express agreement on the initiative and on the planned date (March 21), or in case of disagreement to suggest another date with the pertinent arguments to support it.

Once a general consensus has been reached among its members, the AIC will share the proposal with other international associations related to colour and light. Finally, an application will be presented to competent international organisms to formally establish the International Day of Color and Light.