Färg & ljus för människan – i rummet


”Color & Light for humans – in the room” is about the total experience of color and light in a spatial context and is a contribution to the coherent field of knowledge color – light – room. The idea is to explain light to color specialists, and color to light specialists while conveying an understanding of the necessity of light and color being be treated together.

This popular science book is aimed primarily at professionals in color and light areas but is also intended to be used in higher education. It builds on the interdisciplinary Nordic research project SYN-TES: Human color and light. Synthesizing for a unified field of knowledge, which was conducted from 2010 to 2011. The research reports, most of them in English, can be downloaded at www.konstfack.se/syn-tes

The book contains four thematic blocks where the recurring theme is spatial interaction between color and light.