Celebrating the international Colour Day March 21

This annual event promotes colour awareness in several world locations on the same day.  Member countries are encouraged to organise community events to celebrate ‘colour’.

Below some examples of fun and successful events









From white to colour
See http://www.hubo.hr

La couleur dans l’art, la science et la technologie : Qu’appelle-t-on harmonie des couleurs?
Présentation et rencontre avec quelques membres du Centre Français de la Couleur, auteurs de livres traitant d’un aspect du domaine de la couleur.
See www.cf-couleur.fr


  1. Renata Pompas and Lia Luzzatto, on occasion of International Color Day, asked  their students to interpret their personality through a subjective color, applied creatively to their portrait.

    This is the composition with some of more interesting results.








Accademia di Comunicazione , Art Direction , Art Director , color design , fotografia , Studenti

 Keynote speech by Jean-Philippe Lenclos

See http://www.forumfarge.no





Denim drift colour palette

Per Nimér, head of design, Nordsjö, spoke about colour trends
-Denim Drift, a soft, grayish blue, perfectly suits the time we live in. Denim Drift combined with the lighter shades of paint in the palette has a crisp and airy feel, whereas with the darker colors it’s more dramatic and moody.






Hints from Katie Smith

Learn about the psychology, symbolism and meaning of different hues.

Have some fun finding out how even our language is colored with meaning.

Enjoy seeing colorful places around the world or discover how many cities in the United States have color names