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Consumers are fooled by a product’s colour

An optical illusion leads us to think that products that are more brightly coloured are bigger, or have more space than the same products with more muted colours. Researchers tested this idea with coloured coffee cups, suitcases and furniture in shades of red, orange and purple.





The participants thought that the room in the top image was smaller than the room in the picture below. The only difference in the pictures is the purple colour of the ottoman. The powerful purple colour made the room appear smaller in the top image. (The participants saw the ceiling in both pictures). (Photo: JCR / Hagtvedt/Brasel)

Read about the study in ScienceNordic 

Scientific literature
H. Hagtvedt, A. Brasel: Color Saturation Increases Perceived Product Size. Abstract. Journal of Consumers Research. Volume 44. 2017.