Etikettarkiv: Lecture

Margret Livingstone is in town

LivingstoneM320x-248x246Margaret Livingstone is Takeda professor in neurobiologi at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. She has a deep interest in the brains perception of visual arts, and has made ground-breaking studies on how the primate brain recognizes faces. She has among other things published studies about a neurobiological explanation to our fascination of Mona Lisa´s smile, signs that Rembrandt was stereo-blind, why we recognize caricatures better then naturalistic faces, and why we are not bothered by the distortion of perspectives in Cezannes still-lives. Last year came a new expanded edition of her book Vision and Art – The Biology of Seeing.

Listen to her popular scientific talk at  Waldemarsudde commenting on pieces of art from their on-going exhibition of Emil Nolde. What art can tell us about the brain April 8 at 18.00

She is also giving a lecture on Brains Perception of Visual Arts  at Nobelforum, Karolinska institutet April 9 at 15.00